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Fair Travel


Fair Travel promotes Responsible Tourism and offers its services to the different stakeholders of the travel industry. Fair Travel will strive to spread the concept to every aspect of the Tourism industry and beyond. I'm here to make a difference! I support a change for a more sustainable future in travel and tourism. The lack of action in the past has been very much due to the general lack of knowledge. And there is too much at stake. How do we get to a sustainable and long-term model in an industry driven by volume and low margins? Do we perhaps need to completely shift perspective? Let responsible tourism lead the way and allow me to be your guide. My view is that with knowledge comes responsibility and it is Fair Travel's motto. Fair Travel is not based on theories gathered from books written by someone who claims to know everything, I don’t hide behind fancy words or claim that I know everything. I base it all on my own experiences and knowledge mixed with the core values - respect and empathy. When educating in the subject of responsible tourism I use a simple approach, presenting the principles and aspects of it in a manner that all will understand. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid is my motto and the key to success.

Jag söker

Likeminded people, companies and organizations, who wants to change the tourism and travel industry towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

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Fair Travel can provide assistance to: • Educational institutes providing tourism education and wanting to include responsible tourism in the curriculum. • Travel agencies wanting to select Responsible Tourism products for their portfolio. • Foreign companies looking for sales- and marketing support in the Nordic region. • Travel businesses, large or small, looking to move in the direction of Responsible Tourism. • Businesses wanting to set up a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. • Students looking for guidance in the field of Responsible Tourism. • Private individuals looking for advice and tips in choosing responsible products for their own journeys.

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Jeppe KlockaresonSöker samarbete: Fredagen den 28 januari 2011, arrangerades en temadag om turism, resor och hållbar utveckling. Arrangemanget inspirerade nära 200 intresserade åhörare från branschen och studerande på...
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